LOCKS $5.00 FOR 24 HRS.

All of our bikes are professionally tuned and safe, and a perfect way to explore Brooklyn and the rest of the city (We also have free NYC bicycling maps for all customers).

Please note: We take a deposit for the full price of the bicycle and or other equipment upon rental, to insure the return of all Rentals. .  Such deposit will be return to costumer after the   rentals are back and the fees are charge.

Renters are responsible for any damage cause to the bikes and the equipment due to their negligence during rental period. Renter will be charged for all damages.



  1. Hi there,

    I would like to rent a bike on the 27th June for 24 hours. Do you have availability? I am a lady of medium height.


    1. Hi there. yes you can rent a bike when you are ready . You do have to come to the shop to see which one you like and then reserve it.
      our location is : 279 Bushwick ave Brooklyn ny between Johnson ave and Boeurum st 718) 456-0048

  2. Hi Zukkies,
    we would like to rent a bike ( two) maybe for 1 week or at least 5 days. Can you tell me what it costs?
    txs Dionne

      1. you are the cheapest in town? in june 2016 we, me and three friens of mine, will visit Brooklyn from 15th til 23rd, and we want to rent four bikes for two or three days. coluld you make an offer, please?
        lot of greetings

      2. Hi Hanno
        yes you can stop by to rent your bikes on the 15th and they are available for the days you need them. we can only do as low as it is, $1.04 its all that will cost you an hour plus you get to use the helmets for free at your request.Other shops will ask you $8. to $10.for the hour for each bike you rent. We hope to see you them.for more info please call : 718) 456-0048

  3. Hello,
    My name is Nico ahlbrand, I’m 17 and from germany. I’ve got a question about bike rental. I am making in summer a speak vacation in ny and I wanna drive with a bike to Walmart (next to JFK). Can I lend a bike with the age of 17? And can I drive to walmart? I would take a bike for 24h.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. Good afternoon
    We are visiting New York on 16 th June for a week. We would like to hire 2 hybrid bikes for 3 or 4 days we are staying in Williamsburg could you give me s quote please look forward to your reply .
    Many thanks
    Mark Dunsford

      1. hi Dorian
        the deposit can be made in cash or with the credit card. if you use the credit card the deposit will only be froze in your account,. deposits for rentals are equal to the value of the cost of the items you will rent. but the rental fee is $25. for 24 hours on the used bikes and $40. on the new bikes and it will be charge only when you return the bikes.we do not take reservations on the phone is much better when you come personally and choose your own bike ..

  5. Dear, today we hope to repeat a marvelous experience we had some years ago by seeing NYC by bike. We are Dutchies staying in a loft 1 block from your shop. Experienced bikers. We know today there is a huge bicycletour. Do you still have 5 bikes for rental today? Warm regards Nikki

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