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We carry a wide range of new and used bicycles. Our inventory changes very rapidly, but whether you’re looking for a racing bike or something to take to work, we have bicycles in the right price range for you.

We also carry a wide array of bicycle parts (new, used and vintage) and accessories, including:


  • helmets
  • locks (Kryptonite
  • locks on guard
  • bike seats
  • wheels
  • tires
  • tubes
  • brake sets
  • brake pads
  • handlebar grips
  • handle bar tape
  • lights
  • pumps
  • bags
  • chains
  • tires
  • bells
  • bottles


On the spot repairs

Bike Rentals





      1. hi . i will have to see your jamis personally in order to tell you how much is worth . depending on the condition
        you can bring it on sat or sun anytime 11 am – 7 pm

    1. hi tatiana . yes at the moment we have 3 bmx for sale . they are used bikes in very good condition. please visit our store for viewing . or call 718 456 0048

  1. Hello,

    I was by the store the other day! loved this bike in the front. I talked to you about selling my bike and buying the one I saw the price was 275 and it was black. I was suppose to come by Wed. but can come tomorrow morning . i was just wondering what time the store opened

  2. hello. im looking for a portable air pump that I can carry on my bike at all times. whats the price range on these if you carry them?

  3. I’m looking to buy a single speed free wheel bike, 57-58cm frame, possibly with a flip flop hub. Do you have anything? And if so, how much.

  4. Looking for some blue accents to get for my customized fixie. You guys sell any of the following in a royal or light blue ; cranksets, stem, grip tape, chain, brakes(cable or pads)

    1. Hi Alex ,yes we do have some very good bikes that are brand new . In order to help you we need to know the size you need .
      Please feel free to call us if you are still interested.
      zukkies bike shop
      718 456 0048

    1. Hi Justin , sorry for the late response
      the only duochrome we have is “the oscar ” If you need us to get you the specific one you are looking for , we can help .
      Give us a call : 718 456 0048
      zukkies bike shop

    1. HI Alonzo
      About the single speed my cheapest will be $350. But you have the option of up grading the bars – wheel color and frame color .if you ever feel like coming in to check us out
      i ll be more than happy to help you .

  5. Hey I wanted to purchase a bike but I wanted to get a folding bike, so I wanted to know if you guys have any and if so how much are they going for? If not maybe i can get some info on some bikes that are not too pricey. Thanks

    1. hi Jade
      no, we don’t have any folding bikes on site . if you want we can order from our catalog , you will need to come in and see which one you prefer . call me if this works for you.

  6. Hey guys.. I’ve actually bought a bike here before and i really like your shop. I’m kind of on a budget but i need a fix gear to get me to point a to b.. Used if you have. 58 to 60m. i can range from 150-225

    1. Hi there … we do have a used single speed / fixed gear for the price of $275.00 is all alumminum 16lbs silver black weels and about size 50 cm .if you are interested please let me know. 718 456 0048 is the store number
      thanks william

  7. Hey! I’ve been shopping around for a used road bike. Can you tell me what the price range is usually like?

  8. Hello There. I live in the neighborhood and wanted to know if I can have a bicycle I purchased online to be assembled. do you provide this as a service?
    thank you,

  9. Hi, On tuesday night (8/18/2015) my boyfriend was in a bike accident on Grand and Humboldt street. While he was in the ambulance his bike was stolen. It is a Black Focus Arriba, and we are trying to recover it. If anyone comes in with this bike could you please notify me? I have a photo of the bike – an abus lock was also wrapped around the frame.
    Thank you so much!

  10. I want to buy a pure fix fixie do you have one?
    And how much does it cost if you do have one?
    Ghost White frame with Black deep dish wheels.

    1. Hi Eriberto
      we can get you any Pure Fix bike you like it will take a few days to get it seens every body needs a different size color and customization Please come to our store and we can help you better . we can sized you for your new bike to insure the best fit for your you…
      we are located at 279 Bushwick ave Brooklyn ny between Johson ave and Boerum st
      call 718 456 0048 for more information.

  11. Hi there,

    Do you have any flat-bar 7/8/9 speeds bikes new or second hand? If so what’s the pricing please?



    1. HI Nick
      yes we have flat (stray bars) brand new $28.00 and a used one that has been cut to smaller size and its only $10.00
      let me know if you are interested so i can put it aside for you.
      thank you.

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