About Zukkies


Zukkies Bike Shop is a family-owned business located at 279 Bushwick Avenue (between Boerum and Johnson).

Since 2004, Zukkies has handled every part of the bicycle business–and we’re still growing. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, trade, rent or get your bike repaired by an experienced mechanic, Zukkies is the bike shop for you.


The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and will help you with whatever you need to get you out and riding!

We sell and rent all kinds of bikes (mountain, road, fixed gear, cruiser, vintage) and have new and used parts for any bicycle–even those hard-t0-find vintage parts. We have a great inventory, but if we don’t have what you want, we’ll order it for you.


Need a place to store your bike while apartment hunting or on vacation? We also do bicycle storage at a rate of $5 a day.

Come see for yourself–it’s worth visiting us!




  1. Thank you for your invaluable kind assistance yesterday, helping us find the Gotham Girls roller skate rink. It is located on Scholes St. around the 300 block inside an unmarked warehouse on the left, in case you – or the Thai restaurant staff – are ever asked again.
    Best regards

  2. Hey how you doing. I have a bike I would like to trade for one that you guys have on Craigslist . Maybe you can email me and I can send pics to you guys. I’m located in bushwick and flushing. If you can email me it will be great ill be waiting. Thanks GODBLESS

  3. Hi, I cannot use the phone and want to email you – I have 3 pretty bad shape bicycles (good frames only) that I would like to find somewhere to sell it to; to be fixed up and then sold again so it does not end up in the garbage. I hate the thought of bicycles going to the garbage. Any advice or would you guys want them?

  4. Hello I see you have the purefix single speed bikes for sale until the 30th of December and I was wondering if you had the bikes in size 58 or a size Large.

    1. Hi jose
      about the pure fix the larges size i have now is 54 cm . for larger sizes i can order it for you . how ever it takes 7 business days to be deliver. you can paid for it by phone
      if you are still interested and want to place an order or for info , please call 718 456 0048 or 347 370 7695 any day of the week from 11:am – 5:pm

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